Thursday, December 01, 2005

HIV : Human Immunodeficiency Virus OR Human INITIATIVE-deficiency Virus?

This is the second time we are going to discuss on AIDS in Biospot. Last year the same day I remember we had a good discussion!

Bring out your views keeping in view of the vaccine!

Thanks in advance!

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prash said...

I would like to take this note in an optimistic perspective. There have been many organisations that have come up in the recent past educating masses ..the HIV but it is in the mutual hands of people, the media and most importantly the scientific community who are to initiate the things.

Iam sure the AIDs vaccine wouldn't be a distant dream and the number of trials growing have an impending effect in the development and initiation of imparting educating AIDS.

From Los Angeles to Auckland, there have been many trials on AIDS vaccine that are under construction and we need to hope for the best:

The Australian-Thai HIV Vaccine Consortium
The Rio De Janeiro HIV Vaccine
IAVI India
Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI)
IMPACTA :an AIDS vaccine trials unit in Lima, Peru
The St Thomas’ Hospital HIV Vaccine Trials Unit , UK
the Swiss Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center

Initiation is always been existing, it is a slight change of SYLLABICATION: in·tu·i·tive, we need to see now.

Go AIDS vaccine Go!
All the best