Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006: What do you foresee?

Science J declares Evolution as the breakthrough of the year 2005. Bring out the limelight of the impeccable nuances in present day biotechnologies and tell us what do you foresee as the breakthrough of the year 2006.

Thanks for your attention and wishing you a new year with happiness, health, prosperity and best researches ahead.

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prash said...

If it were the evolution that portrayed Biology, I find no reason why Systems biology be not the next revolution?

Yes Systems biology works in unison with Information Technology, Life Sciences and is a moving compatriot of Computational biology.

One of the acute problems in Bio-IT and genome sciences is the number of orphan genes. And we dont have a template to recognise them and Iam sure this systems biology would be the ideal entity to engrasp the problems and find the number of interactions of a protein in its vicinity.

Long hail systems biology!
What else would you tell us?