Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Microarrays: from gene to protein

Bring out the progress and promises in this field.

Thanks to the guest moderator : Nalini vudattu,Karolinska Institute, Sweden


Rajiv Narula said...

Microarray Technology promises to monitor the whole genome on a single chip.This can help research all over the world because scientists would visualize the interactions of thousands of genes simultaneously and would also have an opportunity to understand the various mechanisms of formation of the myriad proteins and enzymes so crucial for the body.
this technology is also called genome chip indicating that it is meant to monitor the whole genome on a single chip.Further advances in this field will serve as a boon to the scientific community in general and to the world as a whole.

Nalini Vudattu, Karolinska institute said...

Dear Biospot colleagues,

I feel it is a huge topic to discuss about it, but i
will try to say little bit about my experiences in
this field. Peptide arryas is a fascinating field
nowadays and also in future which is going to shape
the research world in to a new era of research. Many
researchers are attracted by this field and are
putting their efforts in this area to bring their
nightmares true. Recently i had been to a conference
at Alexandria, Virginia, USA where the main focus was
on this topic. I have met people who are working in
this field and was amazed to see their data. As all of
you know the differences between DNA and protein
arrays just i will highlight where these peptide
arrays are playing to be a major role.
1. Infectious diseases chip: eg, to see the B-cell and
T- cell responses at protein level in patients with
Tubercuclosis, HIV and in other diseases.
2. Human cytokine Chip: To see the cytoking responses
during infections
3. Matrix metalloproteinases chip: To check how they
are regulated in patients with cancer before and after
4. Phospho chip: where you can detect phosphorylated
tyrosine residues which can be found in some cancers
or during some infections.
5. Signaling molecules chip

So do not wait, try to put some ideas in this area and
make this new era of research field to be a fruitful



prash said...

Dear All,
Thank you Nalini for guest moderating the topic and I too agree the same with Nalini's and Rajiv's comments.

I was just wondering if we could have a comparative genome assay for microarrays, thereby we could have interactome studies of a genome against the other genome at a given time.

Hope we have it soon!