Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Indians Embrace Science, But Can't Always Practice It"

says Pallava Bagla*, Indian correspondent for the journal Science

What do you opine? Do you think India, now being projected as the next big knowledge superpower would remain a distant dream. What steps would you suggest to practise it?

From the India Science Report
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Imtiyaz Quadri said...

I must say that we Indians should change our mentality. We must do what practical experience counts. We must follow the truth For
example many girls are studying science but few are interested to become scientists. We appreciate warmly the scince but hesitate to apply it. We should do all
positive things for betterment of Indian science for prosperous India.

Imtiyaz Quadri
M.Sc. Biotechnolgy

rajiv narula said...

even i feel the same.indians embrace science but can't always practice it(in India at least)because of the less availability of research opportunities.the same indians are excelling in science at topmost universities thruout the the fault is with the system not with us indians.another area where we lack is advertisement.we have all the knowledge.for. eg.our dashavatars of Vishnu clearly depict the evolution of life but the credit is with Darwin, not us: the Sun Temple at konark clearly depicts the Sun God on a chariot of seven horses named on the seven colors of the solar spectrum but the credit for their discovery is with Newton who discovered and advertised the same centuries later.hope we do not repeat the mistakes....

prash said...

Whence my schooling, I had an impression that we were in a semi feudal system; Iam afraid now we are in feudal system.

We need to remove equations amongst scientific and academic people. Instead we need to appreciate every iota of thoughts and try to utilise it in science.

Then I would say Indians not only embrace science, but also enhance it.


Jeeth said...

Hello fellow researchers,

This is really interesting place where we can share our thinking to the indians all around the world. This would be a strong mode of communication to encourage our selves. Our problem with practing science is mainly because of laziness, our system, politics involved in every field. After coming to US I came across many things about our country. Our first ever topmost universities in the world (nalanda, takshashila), where more than 65000 people used to pursue education from all over the world. My curiosity is what happend to all those universities and intellectuals? So, this is the time to prove our selves, which I think we are doing in and out of country. We should change our education system. Our schools and colleges are teaching the same things from decades. I strongly feel that education system need has to be taken to different level. We should never look into big schools and universities. IIT,IISC,...etc The system should change from the scratch, which I beleave is changing from time to time. We should teach our young generation to apply the science in the daily life. We can defenitely practice science if we start shining our younger generation. We should never forget that cheraka was our father of medicine(vedic period), who performed surgery in those days at that time world didn't had any clue about the surjury. So, take home messege is we should change our thinking, and should never bring politics, reservation, etc.. into education and science. Thankyou very much for baring with me.