Saturday, June 25, 2005

Three foremost concerns in Environment?

June 5 was celebrated as World Environmental day. What three steps do you think is important for a better environ?

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Umesh said...

For protecting our nature and environment we should have concern to save it from its disturbance becouse we are full dependent on our environment . As far as the three foremost concern we should have is:-
1. Reduction in Hazardous Environmental Release.
2. Recycling of waste products.
3. Use of environmentally preferable products.


Rameshreddy said...

In my opinion the three foremost concerns we should have to protect our environment are:
1.The industries should use filters before leaving the Hazardous gases which will lead to depletion of ozone layer, cause acid rains.
2.The people should be educated of the effects that we have to face if we release the wastes in to the environment & they should be educated of plantation & the uses of plantation.
3.We should use Ecofriendly products & try to do our part in keeping our environment pollution free

Reeta R Singhania said...

Nature is a Gift given by God & we all have some responsibility towards it, as we have to pass clean environment to our future generation where they could breath safely. So it's our prme duty to protect it from poisonous pollution.The three steps ac to me:
1)Research can help to combat this problem, biofuel production should be encouraged throughout the world.
2) Should use bio plastics & plastics should be completely prohibited.
3)Should plant tree, as trees are the lifeline of Nation.Should take care while disposing garbages

Reeta R Singhania

rajiv narula said...

In my view the three steps in protecting our environment could be
1.making it compulsory for all students above standard 8 to plant and take care of at least 2 trees every year.
2. carpooling and restricting use of automobiles for unneccessary purposes. cycling and walking to cover short distances would be a healthier option.
3. pledging to not pollute our rivers and take strong steps to ban felling of trees.

prash said...

Dear fellow BIOSPOTians,
I too agree with the above statements. But this is time we all are thretaned by on emajor thing. We need to educate men and women on the use of disposable entities. We also need to find a time and try to take our time in removing plastics or dust in and around our localities, or when we pass in our streets.

I would also take this opportunity to inculcate strong and strict measures with biowaste. We need to better find measures to dispoase BIOwaste.

And finally, I feel Environmental science and Technology be taught from the grade 4.

Thank you very much all of you, for paying attention to such topic.


Anonymous said...

To protect our environment every one should think how many plants he/she has planted in the life.

if not then plant 10 trees today ... and take care of it..


Try to recycle the wase products, be careful with the household waste and try to make compost out of that...