Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Chimeric research!!! What do you opine?

Chimeric research!!! Yes, it is under way. What do you opine?Comment on interface with how do you thing it is important in using two or other organisms for transplantation research??


jaishriram rathored said...

yes i think it is imp to establish a chimeric organism bcoz all the organism should not have all the characterstics , so if we selected a 2 organism of intrest for desired characterstics, it will definetly prove to be benificial for live stock and humanbeing.


yes i am in favour of chimeric organism research as it will certainly help to combat various diseases and also produce favourable and desired characteristics in the biological world. but care would have to be taken in transplantation research as rejection of foreign material may pose a serious threat in humans.

prash said...

Dear All,
I feel there are two things that is important and I hope you would agree with me.

1. Should it have to undergo and surpass the ETHICS? and if os how far?

2. The chimeric experiments that are carried out should not hold any dreadful, bizzare and uncompromising things in the near future.

Let's hope we build up a better chimeric research community free of ecological consequences and
in bringing out the best medical research.

Does CHIMPUMANS(CHIMP +HUMANS) sound better?.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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