Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Open Source : Do you vote for?

Open source is a way of retrieving, finding and applying the presentations, books and publications on a free/semi-free basis without any cost. Do you think that we need to pay amount for publications? Or should we go for open source? Leave your comments..


Renu said...

I feel the move towards open access, is good for the advancement of science. In principle, while most people recognise the need for it, I think it should save one's energy while against we refer articles or papers at libraries. Instead these could be enabled electronically free. So shall we set to change the habits on a large scale?

Satya said...

Open access is very useful for all the fields of study and research .It will be good to have a website wherein all or most of the popular issues or reviews are entered and people can access them. If the journals are not available for all the institutes ,then those who have can just download and add up to the site.

prash said...

I too feel and vote for open source and access of articles, software et al, but certainly with some conditions:

*Let users reward and retreat the author with credits by specifying it as a reference, even when the article is to be used for reading.

*Let there be a temporary phase of time and restricted access for the original sought out sources that
prove important.

*At the outset, the articles are to be necessarily categorised for according to their merits.

Any important things, you feel, please share.


rajiv narula said...

i vote for open source. this is because i feel people associated with research need not pay for getting research papers. a common website to enter the research papers for all interested to view w'd certainly be agreat idea.