Friday, August 11, 2006

Polio-free world: A dream come true for all!

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We celebrate second anniversary for Our thought now is on:

It has been 51 years, the polio vaccine exists and now we hope for polio free world.
Expedite your views on vaccination, the pitfalls, The defensing vaccination programmes etcteras.

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prash said...

I appreciate the efforts of voluntary organisations and other many organisations who are striving to make our world., a polio free. And Iam surprised by the lacunae that still persists in countries like India where people are bit hesitant to have a re dosage of Polio vaccine to their progeny. This clearly paves a room that there should also be another thing that should creep in our minds., people should be well educated, while I feel it is the overall responsibility of WE, THE PEOPLE to see that we make atleast two children have the dosage.