Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Role of Women in Biotechnology

Dear Researchers,


What do you think should be the role of women in practising todays biotechnologies?


Umesh said...

Dear Sir
As per my thinking now a day,s in each and every field the womens are doing excel so why not with biotechnology. And people often use to talk about the NARI SAKTI , and definetly they have the tremendous capabilty and they have great role in the development of Biotechnology.

with best regards to all members.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to biospot, I feel that the question posted “What do you think should be the role of women in practicing today’s biotechnologies?” is a very sensitive question to ask and is poorly framed. Since it is still a patriarchal world, it would be silly to ask a similar question like “What do you think should be the role of men in practicing today’s science and technology?” The men will brush it off as a foolish question and there aren’t as many women in the field to answer this question or they would rather prefer using that time more productively.

In the present day world men and women are working together in technology. And when such questions pop up, women are reminded about their limited role as their role is being discussed in a forum which is 99.9% are made up of men. We do not have to be told about our role, but we need a silent support system from our families, friends and colleagues to support us when we trying to find out what role can we play for a better quality of life as an individual. This support will make a lot of difference, as I personally feel that men do achieve what they do as they do not have constraints in life emotionally or physically or psychologically and receive immense support from society and nature because of the way everything is setup.

The celebration of International Women’s Day is to encourage women to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. For men, it is a reminder to support these women to achieve a more fulfilling life just like they themselves do.

Thanks for giving me a platform to express myself,

PS: I find it amusing that this topic is similar to the topic, when immigrants discuss how their current country of residence is better than their country of origin. They fail to realize that everything has pros and cons. Nothing personal but I think that such things are discussed to satisfy a person’s ego and to justify either that what they are doing is right or that they are in completely in control.

Anonymous said...

Hi to Everybody,
As there is a well said proberv
*Necessity is the mother of invention*. I dont feel that the word like individuality should come when talking about research.
There is no limit for the role of women in biotechnology infact they should be better encouraged so that they can come forward with new ideas and inventions.
Anjuvan Singh.

prash said...

Susan B. Anthony said…

"The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race. "

I too pray the same.
I am afraid there is a misunderstanding.

What is the role of Women in biotechnologies?
What may possibly be the role of women in biotechnologies?
What should be the role of women in biotechnologies?

I have THREE different answers for the above questions. So as you too, I guess, if you better understand the meaning of these.

Women have been marching ahead equally or more with women. My question related to Women in biotechnologies...

From Madam Curie to Kiran Mazumdar, the know-how crats of science have shaped the field in a marvelous way. Where are all these Anne clones of these great personalities gone from biotechnologies?? Is it not this we need to clutch?

Those of us who write, read, or talk about biotechnologies inescapably encounter a volley of principles under various guises that seem to suggest ways that the system ought to deal with advances in the phase of various fields in this discipline. If we were to worry today, it is the principle of future generations and bringing up their career in chosing biotechnology (let us brood about the SO-CALLED common heritage of mankind OPTIMISTICALLY). I have intense reasons to guarantee women’s place in biotechnologies, to ease their fear in this field

First, Biotechnologies and its analogues like genetics raises issues that are important to jobs, marketplace, family, community, health and most importantly the environment .

And outstandingly the genetic insurgency through which we are living promises women especially to be as thoughtful as any on going bio-technologies and we all need to do in eternity.

Given these reflective effects, I think we all need to acknowledge the existence of these principles and tell others how or when to apply them.

I end my lexis with these quotes by Mrs. Robin Morgan
"Women are not inherently passive or peaceful. We’re not inherently anything but human."