Thursday, January 27, 2005

Are we missing something???

Are we missing something??
Dear All,
With the new frameset for number of genes in Homo sapiens, there has been consistent debate on it till(in ??)recent past. But the question is are we missing something from these numbers of genes???. Now there are other sequencing being done like chicken, dog etcetera. Comment !!!!!


prash said...

Yes, I feel that we are missing something from the common estimates of sequencing. Earlier it was said that there are between 50000and 80000 genes in the human genome, although estimates were highly spread. The problem remains whether are these programs trustworthy?

For instance, the promises that might have paved to the improvement of certain diagnostic techniques through the code in our genes could be again revised through these numbers. Understanding genetics of diseases could have stopped for certain rationale approaches. Providentially, there is a reason for vigorous development in gene prediction programs and hope for a good outcome incoming full draft of other genome sequencing projects and making research a smoother step.

Umesh said...

Yes I too feel it that we are missing from the common estimatea os sequencing. And the rest the uncovered one have the significant contribution for the controlling the important pathways. AS we know that to transform a single fertilize egg cell to adult human body and kep that body live and health for instance how many gene have there activity at precise time , quantity and location.
I hope for the development in gene prediction programs for the better understanding of our life process.