Tuesday, November 30, 2004


1st December is observed as World AIDS day. As a researcher what is your strategy for AIDS FREE ATMOSPHERE? What are the amendments you would like to see? Sketch your views please. Support World AIDS Day


Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
First of all thank you very much sir for allowing me to suggest some comments.
Well the first and foremost ammendments i wouuld like to see is the awareness among the people.Basically in INDIA there is least awareness about aids among the people.
Second is that when we comes in contact with any person having aids we should treat the person as normal as we behave with others.
we already know that Research and trials in this field are going on all over the world but before any invention to cure this disease will take place let us remove at present only by love and making awareness among the people in a view to create a AIDS FREE ATMOSPHERE.

prash said...

First, priority should be sex education. You will be highly surprised that people give less priority for this. Let the children be taught this right from their upper primary school, in an uniformed way. I repeat in an UNIFORMED way, in the sense in a constructive and abounding way. I think this is lacking in countries like India.

Second, Expression of depression is a false impression. Let us all shun it and make the ones with AIDS understand the pros and cons of the growing pandemic.

Third, Community involvement, it is a stunning fact that all of us including thought provokers never reach the masses, instead we discuss. Cant we just think in a different way?