Friday, October 29, 2004

Magnanimity of Indian scientists.. deserve nobel prize??

DO YOU THINK THAT INDIAN SCIENTISTS deserve NOBEL PRIZE IN THE NEAR FUTURE?? Showcause your views based on the intelligentsia and magnanimity of Indian scientists in the area of MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES. ALSO, it would be appreciated if you could substantiate it with the recent NOBLE PRIZE AWARDS


Anonymous said...

I think Indians deserve Noble prize especially in the area of molecular biology., but there should be certain by-laws.
Why not ???
First, Let all the Indians serve the motherland in their research activities and see that they go through their research fundings and possibilities. The researchers who have done their research elsewhere should make it a point to focus higher end research in India which makes them a deserving tone to expect a NOBEL prize.

PhD student

prash said...

The question must be better approached, I feel in two different ways.

We, Indians are Workaholic in every aspect, not to boast ourselves. In the recent past, there has been tremendous developments in this moelcular life sciences. Right from traditional genetics to the present (Gen)omics, there are Indians behind the scenario. And it is said and is to be highlighted that it would be really great if such strategies, methods, implementations and research works are done with Indian hood and ideology. I call it Indeology.

Second, let there be a uniformity in approach and findings and quick action. Research is not a franchisee where we can apply at ones own will. It should be crisp, quick and importantly valuable. The bounting number of research years spent is to be credited for a noble cause. And I think Indians too are in the queue. Lets hope and feel that we are noble. That itself provides us enough strength to reach the noble prize.

My salutations to all the nobel laureates.


Mahesh Appari said...
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jeethmolbio said...


wish you all happy new year,

ya i strongly will support this statement i.e INDIAN SCIENTISTS deserve NOBLE PRIZE IN THE NEAR FUTURE.
our scientists may have lost their indentity because,

we people spend much time on pulling the leg of each other,
becasue of the politics among the scientific community,
because of this act we are loosing many people like RAMAN PILLAI. otherwise getting the prestegious NOBLE PRIZE i think is not a difficult task for us.

thanking you for giving me this opportunity.

M.Sc Bio-Technology.

Anonymous said...

Ya dear,
Do Indians deserve the Noble Prize. In terms of intellect and knowledge its ok. But the problem is that they donot get the oppurtinities. Especially in India rather to say at Indian labs we are facing problem of infrastructure and funds.. the other problem is of descipline...politics etc..

The govt has reduced the funds for the research activities.. otherwise give the resources and we will give you the Noble Prize..

Research Scholar
Institute of Forest Productivity
(ICFRE, GOvt. of India)