Thursday, February 01, 2007

Regenerative Medicine: A Translational Research. Where are we heading?

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Anonymous said...

regenerative medice is heading towards a revolution and though it finds obstacles in the form of restrictions by government agencies and by some over ambitious professors.......For the latter part of century we were depending on gene therepy for providing phenomenal cure to genetic diseases but alas it didn't strike cord due to numerous hiccups.....but stem cell research on the other hand unlike gene therepy, has a parameter to control hence not ambiguous as gene therepy so it could provide us with vast knowledge and good break throughs for sure.....cloning and expression have become common now a days hence with more and more technological aids we can expect a good result form our fraternity.........diseases like cancer and aids are getting a great deal of attention from almost all the major research institutes but more conveniantly people forget common deseases such as dibetus mellitus ,asthma,heart diseases etc which can more effectively be fought with this type of research..these genetically linked diseases are not dealt through conventional ways as far as research is concerned they are now dealt in with stem cell research and good progress has been recorded in this area..hence my strong wish as well as view is that with the help of bioinformatics,chemistry and genetics ........molecular biology is heading in right direction with its mascot(regenerative medice) held high...............

Anonymous said...

prash i would like to suggest a book on this topic
Vogelstein B., Bloom B.R. etc. 2003 Stem cells and future of regenerative medicine

prash said...

True! I agree to a certain extent.

As a layman in thsi field, I would for sure expect this field to do wonders in break-through research of some fascinating fields like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia.