Thursday, March 30, 2006

Drug trial horror: Do we need to revisit fundamental laws?

Owing to the recent drug trial horror , do you think we need to revisit the laws and rights? Air your views please!



Yes, because on the one hand drugs have mostly been lifesaving and relieved millions of their pains and ailments while on the other hand drugs not properly tested have caused sufferings and miseries and sometimes even proved fatal. in my opinion fundamental laws must be looked into before drugs are finally in the market for human use...

prash said...

I feel sorry for the incident that happened where in volunteers involved in drug trial were dead.

Fundamental laws are to be revisited. But before we (re)visit them, I feel, every common man should clutch the following points:

What are the various stages of drugs and drug trials?

Is there any specificty of a drug that could target for a mode of action?

What is the latest addendum in the constitutions of drug laws.

And importantly, are we ever bothering to discuss with non scientists?

Thanks in advance!