Monday, August 01, 2005

Anniversary limelight chat

Dear All,

Looking beyond the year 2020, How would you think that the world of life science research be? (or rather you want to vision). Please opine considering the present scenario in genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology etcetera. The best article would be redeemed with a gift.

Yours in Biospot


rajiv narula said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIOSPOT. i feel research in and after 2020 should focus on a disease free,pollution free world where SUPER HUMANS with corruption and violence free genes would have been created,crops and food would be in plenty,humans w'd learn to go for sustainable development without harming the environment,all species and biodiversity would be safe and there would be happiness all around.

Anonymous said...

good post... thanks.

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prash said...

Come 2020, I think there would be tremendous competetive edge in this field.

I would assume that the toddlers an deven the non disciplinarians would also be involved in understanding not only the tit bits of life sciences, but also would encourage their fellow men to be a part of it.

Academically, I think there would be combination of fields, that would be merged, so there would be broader aspects of the research field, synonymously called with various names. This would definitely make the research more pro active.

Then the research would be more focussed on applied, wherein constitututive problems and intermittent fallacies would be put to an end.

Given a chance, I wish the system of life sciences be taught from basic schooling, let be taught in such a way that t be included in every other field. For example, considering nano technology, systems biology, computational biology, I think there would not be no dearth of researchers in these impeccable areas tomorrow.

Let every toddler posed as a student be given a problem in life sciences: be it genetics, plant biology etc. It brings them a zeal to focus their nutritive minds and understand life sciences better.

And lastly, a researcher is the one who focusses on inventory. We also need to know the time sense with which we work, smart mind to utilise the precious of the research.

Wishing a great research ahead!

Thank you