Wednesday, September 29, 2004

ethical aspects of patenting genes and stem cells.. boon or bane??

Dear Bio commune,
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Is it a boon or bane on ethical aspects of patenting genes and stem cells?

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Anonymous said...

Reeta said,
It would be really bane in patenting genes as it would insticate others in gaining the access.

prash said...

Ethics have been under the agenda of every scientist. I feel the word itself creates a pressure to make the scientific worker feel that it has been really right from the channel of eternal thought. And if it were patenting genes, my answer would always be NO. I hope others too agree for that. Thanks to the scientists in innovation who have made the world know that there are lactic acid fermenters, bio agents.. Did they patent any of these ? THE ANSWER IC CLEARLY NO. The question today has arisen because of the needs, competition that has been prevailing among the research organisations. But there should be certain data that should be clearly equated in the public domain databases, which helps the ones who have been using the same genes to share the data, so that even if they identify any putative genes, it would really feel them that the data and secrecy is not lost.

AND Embryonic Stem Cells is now a STARTER in Germany, Finland, China, India and France. Lets utilise it and make it use and use., but not USE and misuse PLEASE.